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TITANZ Celebrates International YOGA DAY with WINGS 2.0

Physical Fitness, Business Fitness & Social Media Fitness.

PUNE, Maharashtra, June 25th 2018  |  Fitness is a necessity in today’s world to sustain in business. With the intention of educating and imparting knowledge to fellow travel consultants across the country, TITANZ organised Wings 2.0 on June 21st 2018 at One Lounge, Pune. The event was one of its kind wherein fitness was being focused on.

“WINGS 2.0” had the most eminent speakers for their event.

  1. Ms Dr Akshaya Jain who enlighten the audience with an insight into the importance of being physically and mentally fit and how to destress our life to be more focused and do business at ease.
  2. Megha Sharma, Founder – TITANZ & CEO: Travel Krafterz graced the event with her way of networking. The Business Networker, Megha Sharma Enlightened the audience with the Concept of SASSY Networker and How to use networking for expanding your business.
  3. Niteash Agarwal, an IT Veteran of 10 years, gave an insight into the power of social media and how to use social media tools to create our brand and also be socially present across the globe.

Inspite of heavy rains, the spirit of the delegates did not get affected and the event was a huge success with around 70 plus delegates with people from Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Jalgaon, Akola, Hyderabad and Ahmednagar also travelled along with delegates from Pune to grace the evening.

The event also had product presentations from our support sponsors

  • Pax Holidays
  • Anchor Destinations
  • Ark Travels
  • Dream Cruises
  • Multilink

Delegates took away with them ample of knowledge, bonding and networking. They also learnt more about the products of the support sponsors.

The success of WINGS2.0, have inspired TITANZ to spread its wings to other cities. Next stop is Mumbai. Stay tuned for more details.

Titanz is a Toogle Travel Private Limited  Initiative to connect travel consultants, leaders and agents on a single sharing, learning and networking platform.


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Mr. Nishant S Mehta at +91 98214 70299, or email

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