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TRAVEL IKON 2018: Where Beauty Meets Talent

India's 1st Mega Travel Beauty Pageant | Empower a Woman, Empower a Nation

Mumbai, Maharashtra | November, 1st 2018: Empowering Women, not only leads to the development of the society but it also helps corporates to be more successful. Women are the reason for success for any corporate in the entire world. Let’s Empower Women to Create a Successful Brand and a Successful Nation.

Empowering Women means to make them independent in all aspects from thought, mind, decision, wealth and to bring equality in society.

When there are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit. So let’s keep going-let’s keep going until every one of the women and girl across the world has the opportunity she deserves to have.—Hillary Clinton

Where Can You Find a Contest whose benefits are not only long-term but also they are fun.

The wait is over, the Stage is Set, The Trainers are Ready, the Corporates are waiting.

What Are You Waiting for? Beautiful Ladies.

Titanz in Collaboration with Dream Cruises presents “Travel Ikon 2018”, the first travel beauty pageant for the travel industry, by the travel entrepreneur and with the travel corporates.

The Top finalists will be hosted on an exotic luxury cruise “Genting Dream” In Singapore from 18th November 2018 to 23rd November 2018.

What is In Store for the Finalists at Genting Dream?

  1. Calendar Shoot
  2. Grooming Etiquettes
  3. Makeup Workshop
  4. Personality Development
  5. Training on Effective Networking
  6. Public Speaking
  7. Posture, Poise & Confidence
  8. Learn How to be Comfortable and Gain Confidence in Front of a Camera.
  9. A “NEW” YOU to be more Successful in your Business

Competing in pageants elevates one’s brand and teaches skills that are transferable in the long-term.

Be A Celebrity and Known in your Social and Business Circle.

The Finale of the “Travel Ikon 2018” will be held at Mumbai on 9th January 2019 with the CALENDAR Launch. A Star-Studded Night with GALA Dinner with Celebrities & Leaders and Dignitaries from the Travel Industry to witness the Launch of the “FACE Of the TRAVEL IKON 2018”

So let’s GET, SET & GO!


Register yourself to your gateway to Name, Fame & Success.

Bring Our Talent in You to Empower Your Business.

“Travel Ikon 2018” – Empowering Women Entrepreneurs, Empowering Nation

Titanz is the brainchild of Megha Sharma, Nishant S Mehta & Pragnesh Kothawala, together they have created India’s largest travel networking company.

The Vision of Titanz is to be the Google of the travel industry and hence the name of the company “TOOGLE”.

Titanz believes in Connecting the Unconnected, It helps to connect the TIER 2, Tier 3 Travel Consultants to connect to TIER 1 Travel Consultants, to the Suppliers and the TOP CORPORATES.

Titanz – Collaborating for Success. Together we are 100 %

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